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Jul 21, 2015 4:48:24 PM

Not_To_DoThe “To Do List” we all make them, whether mentally, on paper, in our electronic devices or somewhere else.  But have you ever considered making a "Not To Do List"?  If not, now might be the time to consider it.  Every day we are bogged down with stuff to do: stuff we have to do, stuff we need to do, stuff we want to do and stuff we don’t want to do but will do anyway.  Out of those items we put on the “To Do List” what can we move to the “Not To Do List”?

  • Things that we have no interest in or just down right loath.  Example, some people hate social media, but know/consider it a necessary evil.   This is an excellent item to give to a marketing agency.  Not only does it come off your plate, but chances are they will be more successful at it than you because it is in their wheelhouse.  Which leads to item number two.
  • Things that others might be better at than you are.  Outsource your weaknesses.  Review your current list of action items and categorize them by those tasks where your skillset shines and you feel confident, and by tasks that make you uncomfortable and take an unnecessary amount of time (see my next point) because you lack the necessary skillset to complete them efficiently.  The tasks on the latter list should then be evaluated for outsourcing.
  • Things that are so time consuming they take away too much time, and don’t leave us with enough leftover hours and minutes for other things that need our attention and bring revenue.  These fall mostly into two categories.  One, it takes too much time because you lack the skills to do “it” efficiently, or two any task that costs less to outsource than your personal (or internal employee) hourly “wage”.  For example, if you (or your employee) earn $80,000/yr., then any task (marketing or otherwise) where the consulting investment is $40 an hour or less should be outsourced.

Easier said than done?  Well consider this.  Even though you think you can do it all (or your staff can do it all), the hard truth is A) that you cannot, or B) you should not, and if you don’t believe me maybe you will believe this.  Some companies waste up to 13% of revenue failing at marketing when they could have spent less and been successful had they outsourced it.  Keep in mind that for the cost of one or two fulltime employees you could have access to a full service marketing firm that is in business to make their customers happy and successful.  To read more about the cost of internal employees vs. consulting services check out this post.   

If you need a stylist, accountant or personal assistant then a web search might be your first step, but if you are looking for effective PR and/or marketing, send us a note or give us a call.

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