Using Self-Selection Options on Landing Pages to Segment Prospects

Posted by Jim Hunt

Feb 8, 2015 3:17:00 PM

There are many forks in the road to Inbound Marketing success. If you don't plan ahead, sometimes the runaway success of your content marketing efforts can actually create problems, especially if you blow past a key fork in the road and then have to back-track in order to regain control over your process.

List segmentation is one key area, where a little bit of forward-looking preparation can make a world of difference. Putting some thought into exactly how you want to segment, nurture and engage with your leads can be very helpful as they move through your marketing automaton process.

Then you can build that segmentation strategy directly into the lead capture process by including simple Self-Selection fields into the forms on your landing pages.

By getting new leads to answer a simple question, you're gaining a valuable sorting mechanism to both personalize their engagement through your process and greatly raise your ability to target their real needs.

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How to use Internal Links on Web Pages and Landing Pages

Posted by Jim Hunt

Jul 4, 2014 10:01:00 AM

What is an "Internal Link":

Just as the name implies, these are hyperlinks that point from one page within a domain to another page within the same domain.  Internal links typically serve three key objectives:

  • Navigation - giving your visitors a clear and easy way to find their way around your web site
  • Attraction & Engagement - capturing visitors' attention with a particular topic on a high-level page and enticing them to drill-down for more information on a detailed page
  • Boosting SEO rankings - giving search engines a "crawlable" path around your web site that enables spider bots to discover and catalog a wider range of authoritative content throughout your site
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